Tentative program

The seminar will take place over two days, on the 17th and 18th of December 2019. The first day will be organized at the Institut des Etudes Avancées, 17, Quai d’Anjou 75004 Paris and the second in Guyancourt, within the facilities of the OVSQ (amphithéâtre Mégie).

Tuesday, December the 17th at the IEA, Ile Saint-Louis, Paris

9h00, Welcoming of participants

9h30, Welcoming address by Jean-Paul Markus, head of the SHS department of Paris-Saclay

9h45, Introduction to the seminar by Yorghos Remvikos (CEARC)

Session 1, chair Jean-Paul Vanderlinden

10h00, The rural exodus in Africa and more specifically in Cameroun, Hélène Kamden-Kamgno (IFORD-Yaoundé) (Version française)

10h50-11h10, Coffee break

11h10, Rural exodus, its driving forces and consequences: the informal settlements of Dakar, submitted to annual floods, as a case study, Yorghos Remvikos (CEARC)

11h30, Disaster-driven displacement, routine culture and adaptation: the case study of a group affected by a natural disaster in Colombia, Clara de la Hoz del Real (CEARC)

11h45, Pressing questions around environmental and other drivers of migration

12h00-13h30, Lunch

Session 2, chair Hélène Kamden-Kamgno

13h30, The unstable socio-economic environment as a driver of migrations and its consequences, introduction by Jean-Paul Vanderlinden (CEARC)

13h45, Economic and demographic development of the Arctic districts of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) and improving the population life quality in the Arctic, Inga Nikulkina (University of Yakutsk)

14h30, Hawkers group and the migrant informal economy in Ho Chi Minh City - multi scale management of migrations’ risks and opportunities, Jean-Paul Vanderlinden (CEARC)

15h00-15h20, Coffee break

15h20, The growing concern about internal migrations in Senegal; the point of view of policy, Moustapha Sokhna Diop, DAPMO, Senegal.

15h40, Short communication to be selected

16h00-17h00, General discussion on socio-economic and environmental drivers of internal migrations, introduced by Jean-Paul Vanderlinden (CEARC)


Wednesday, December the 18th, Amphithéâtre Mégie, OVSQ, Guyancourt

Session 3, chair Yorghos Remvikos

9h30, Migration processes, dynamics of belonging and differentiation of populations from the Amazon area, Luisa Fernanda Sanchez Silva (Universidad Pontificia Javeriana-Bogotà)

10h20, Displaced by violence; internal (forced) migrations due to the civil war, the issue of integration revisited, Marina Begona Martinez Gonzalez (Universidad de la Costa-Barranquilla)

11h00, Coffee break

11h20, Migrations due to armed conflicts and violence in Africa, Hélène Kamden-Kamgno (IFORD-Yaoundé)

11h50, Displacement, violence, poverty and segregation, the Colombian youth astray, Cécile Lavergne (CLEO, Bogotà)

12h10, To move or not to move, place attachment, arcticness and migration in Siberia, Natalia Doloisio (CEARC)

12h30-14h00, Lunch

Session 4

14h00-16h00, General discussion and perspectives, including dissemination of the seminar results, introduced by Yorghos Remvikos

16h00, Meeting of key participants around networking or the emergence of a research theme and possible opportunities for a collective scientific project to be submitted


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Programme prévisionnel

Le séminaire se tiendra les 17 et 18 décembre 2019. La première journée aura lieu à l’Institut des Etudes Avancées, 17 quai d'Anjou 75004 Paris, et la seconde aura lieu à l’OVSQ (amphithéâtre Mégie) à Guyancourt.